Wall Nanny – Baby Gate Wall Protector (Made in USA) Protect Walls & Doorways from Pet & Dog Gates – for Child Pressure Mounted Stair Safety Gate – No Safety Hazard on Bottom Spindles – Saver

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Price: $13.95
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Product Description

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Why the Wall Nanny?

The Wall Nanny is the smallest wall protector for pressure baby gates available on the market. It is perfect for small spaces such as door frames, hallways and any where else a baby gate is needed. It’s square, sleek design makes it almost un- noticeable and allows it to sit flush against the floor eliminating the hazardous gap between the gate and floor that occurs with similar products. The Wall Nanny has a hard plastic body with a soft but sturdy rubber backing which provides increased stability for the walk-thru retractable babygates screws. Not only is this product the best on the market, but with the goal of supporting American jobs in mind, it is made right here in the USA. The Wall Nanny is referred to as a wall guard, pad, cups, or saver.

Wall Nanny – New Compact Sleek Design and Works On All 4 Spindles – No More Safety Hazards

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New and Improved Design Flat bottom allows the Wall Nanny to sit flush to the ground eliminating the gap between the gate and floor, thus no safety hazard for kids/pets Pressure is dispersed throughout the wall protector so no damage is caused to your walls or baseboards

Much Smaller Than Most Other Wall Protectors

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Wall Nanny is almost half the size of most other wall protectors New innovative design is much more compact and sleek Fits in places that the competition doesn’t Examples are baseboards, banisters, inside of doorways, etc Product dimensions are 3.5 x 1.8 x .75 inches Sleek design makes them almost unnoticeable on your walls and baseboards

4 Wall Nanny’s Included – Protection For ALL 4 Spindles!


4-Pack of the Wall Nanny so each spindle/screw has its own protection Soft rubber backing protects your walls so there are no scuffs or scratches Wall Nanny lettering on rubber side creates traction so the gate won’t slide or fall down

Wall Nanny Advantages

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Turn vertical so the Wall Nanny will work in doorways and other small areas Works with wooden extension gates


Designed to work on both the top and bottom spindles No safety hazard for your kids or pets with the bottom spindles Helps prevent slipping with rubber backing


Made in the U.S.A Wall Nanny created jobs for Americans Thank you for your support!

Extremely Versatile, Can Fit Almost Anywhere! – The new designed pad’s compact size allows it to be extremely versatile. It is small enough to fit in almost all gates supported areas for optimal safety results!
Keep Your Walls Damage-Free! – Your child and pet’s protection are your first priority, but your walls need to be protected as well! That’s why our Wall Nanny’s soft rubber backing prevents any scuff, scratch or ding to your wall/trim!
Easy To Install – You can forget about tools for installation; our wall protectors were designed with your best interest in mind, hence they can be installed easily, without any tools or accessories!
Buy With Confidence – We worked really hard in order to offer you the best possible baby gate wall protector set your money can buy. The Wall Nanny is MADE IN AMERICA. Thanks for your support of American jobs.


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