USCAMEL Biological Microscope for Kids, Students and Adult Powerful Biological Children’s Microscope Set for School Laboratory Home Biological Scientific Research Education

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Product Description




40X-1000X Magnification

10X eyepiece and 4X / 10X / 40X objective

10X * 4X = 40X10X * 10X = 100X10X * 40X = 400X

Oculaire 25X et Objectif 4X / 10X / 40X

25X * 4X = 100X25X * 10X = 250X25X * 40X = 1000X

Why choose our microscope?

It is an excellent microscope for children and adults.High quality all-optical glass provides sharper images.With 3 objective lenses and 2 eyepieces, you can use 5 levels of magnification from 40X to 1000X. The magnification range is ideal for viewing microscopic organisms.The upper and lower light sources provide light to the observation specimen.The operation is simple and the 3-year-old child can also use it alone.

Magnification: 40X,100X,250X,400X,1000X

Eyepiece:WF10X and WF25X

Objective Lenses: Achromatic 4X,10X,40X

Head: 45 degree Inclined 360 degree swiveling

Illumination system: Top and Bottom LED Lights

Focusing system: Focus range 8mm

Diaphragm: Five Colors Disc Diaphragm

Power Supply: 100-240V or 3*AA batteries(not included)


Optical lens to protect sight and not hurt the eyes

Equipped with two wide-angle eyepieces WF10X and WF25X, all-optical glass lens, is pleasing to the eyes and suitable for long-term use.


Top and bottom light source design

Equipped with two lights at the top and bottom to replace the traditional reflector, unaffected by natural light.

Superior light source, used to observe opaque specimens;Lower light source for viewing transparent samples


Freely adjust the brightness

Free control of two light source switches

OFF: All off

Ⅰ: Turn on the lower light source

Ⅱ: Turn on the upper light source

Ⅲ: The lower and upper light sources are on at the same time


High magnification objectives

Equipped with three 4X, 10X, 40X achromatic objectives, metal lens body, optical lens, the image is clearer and sharper.


Two power supply startup methods

You can install the battery or connect the power, even if it is outside, it will not affect the use.











10Pcs Proparated Blades and 5pca Blank Blades

10 pieces prepared from blades of plants, insects and animal tissues and 5 pieces of blank blades.

The microscope slides are perfectly compatible with all educational or professional microscopes.

Professional DIY experimentation tools

Professional experimental operation accessories, exercise hands-on ability.

Contains 10 kinds of accessories, including tweezers, measuring cylinder, liquid bottle, collection bottle and other scientific appliances.

List of packages

1 * microscope

1 * WF10X Eyepiece

1 * WF25X Eyepiece

1 * set of microscope slides

1 * set of operating accessories

1 * power adapter

1 * Manual

【High-Quality Imaging Effects】 – The biological microscope uses an excellent optical system and upgraded achromatic objectives to ensure clear and sharp imaging.
【5 Magnification Settings】 -The children’s microscope has 10X eyepiece, 25X eyepiece and with 4X, 10X, 40X rotating objective lens, can provide 5 different magnification settings, including 40X, 100X, 250X, 400X, 1000X.
【Accurate and Simple Focusing System】 – The light microscope uses a hand wheel to rotate the focusing method, which is simple to operate and focus quickly, even 5 year olds can use it quickly.
【Eye-friendly Dual Lighting System】 – The 1000X adult microscope has top and bottom LED Illumination, the top light source can observe real objects, and the bottom light source can observe specimens. Adjustable brightness light design to protect eyes from injury.
【Ergonomic Design】 – 45° observation angle to achieve a comfortable observation effect; 360° rotation, the angle can be adjusted according to observation habits and position.


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