BioTrust Keto Elevate, Pure C8 MCT Oil Powder, Ketogenic Diet Supplement, Keto Coffee Creamer, Clean Energy, Mental Focus and Clarity, 100% Caprylic Acid (20 Servings)…

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Product Description


Keto diets have experienced a resurgence due to their use for numerous health benefits and applications. However, ketogenic diets require a very low carbohydrate intake. Some people find it very difficult to stick such a restrictive diet and others simply prefer to consume more carbs.

The good news is that you can support ketone production—whether you’re a ketogenic dieter or you prefer a higher-carb diet—with a special type of fat.

So, whether you’re a ketogenic dieter looking to support better, faster results…

Or you’re looking to enjoy some of the benefits of the Keto Diet — such as supporting more energy, better mental clarity and a healthy appetite— without having to give up all your favorite carbs…

It all starts with a very specific and pure form of “MCTs,” which is code for medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), fats with 6 – 10 carbons. Because they’re shorter than the typical fats found in the foods we eat, MCTs are easily digested and rapidly absorbed, and they are quickly and efficiently burned for energy.† They are also less likely to be stored as fat.†

What’s more, MCTs are known to have a high “ketogenicity,” which means they can elevate ketone levels—even without the need for carbohydrate restriction.

But here is something really important: C8 (caprylic acid) is the most ketogenic MCT. It has been shown to be 3 times more ketogenic than C10 (capric acid) and 4 times higher than coconut oil (mostly C12).† This means that C8 (caprylic acid) may be the most effective and efficient MCT when it comes to raising ketone levels.

While nearly all MCT oils and MCT oil powders are watered down with less-powerful MCTs (C10 and C12), Keto Elevate contains 100% pure C8 MCTs to support ketone production, which in turn may help support:

• Enhanced energy levels

• Increased satiety

• Enhanced mental clarity and focus

• Athletic performance

• And more!

Simply put, Keto Elevate is the world’s first and only 100% C8 MCT oil powder specifically formulated to help support ketone production — even without the need for carbohydrate restriction.

KETO ElevateKETO Elevate


You can support elevated ketone levels (one of the keys behind many of the major benefits of following a Keto Diet and why it works so well) WITHOUT having to follow the strict, complicated rules that go along with such a rigid diet protocol.

MCT PowderMCT Powder

Two Crucial Truths About MCTs

1) A very specific form of fat called “MCTs” can help elevate ketone levels, even when someone is not on a ketogenic diet, which in turn can provide support for enhanced energy levels, mental clarity and focus.

MCTs stand for “medium-chain triglycerides.” MCTs are found in small amounts coconut oil, palm kernel oil, butter, milk, yogurt and cheese. But, consuming coconut oil (or any of the other foods listed) is not as effective or efficient at supporting ketone production as the most effective form of MCTs.

2) Caprylic Acid, also known as “C8”, is metabolized more efficiently than other types of MCTs and it may be the most effective for raising ketone levels. (For example, research indicates it’s 4X better than coconut oil when it comes to elevating ketones in your body.)

There are also less powerful MCTs, namely C10 and C12; however, C10 and C12 (which some would argue is not even an MCT) do NOT appear to be as effective or efficient when it comes to supporting ketone production.

Keto DietKeto Diet

Keto Elevate and Why It Works So Well… and So Fast

You deserve the truth, so here is honest information about BioTrust’s Keto Elevate that makes it so effective…

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a super nutritious type of dietary fat. They have a high “ketogenicity,” which means your body can quickly convert them to ketones, elevating ketone levels.

The “8” in Caprylic Acid (C8) stands for its number of carbon atoms, and when it comes to the body’s needs, this size is “just right” (like the story of Goldilocks).

That’s because your body can quickly, easily, and efficiently process C8 into ketones, even when someone is not on a ketogenic diet. Ketones are natural, usable energy for your body and brain, and their potential health benefits are a major reason many people turn to the Keto Diet.

Because C8 is so effective and efficient for raising ketone levels—even when someone is not on a ketogenic diet—it was chosen as the exclusive MCT in Keto Elevate. In other words, Keto Elevate is 100% C8 MCTs.


What Will You Achieve by Supporting Ketone Production?

Because C8 is so effective at supporting ketone production, it also provides support for the many benefits of elevated ketone production. We’re talking about benefits like supporting:

Enhanced energy levelsIncreased satietyEnhanced mental clarity and focusAthletic performanceAnd more!

Of course, you can’t expect to eat whatever you want, live an inactive lifestyle and expect to lose weight and be healthy. However, Keto Elevate really can support better, faster results while following a Keto Diet. And even if you don’t follow the diet, that’s okay, too. Keto Elevate can help support elevated ketone levels—even without having to restrict carbs — which can support energy levels, mental focus and a healthy appetite.


Remarkably Easy to Use and Incredibly Versatile

Keto Elevate comes in a convenient powder form—unlike those messy MCT oils —has just 1 net gram of carbs and each serving provides 5 grams of C8, the most powerful MCT. Unlike other MCT supplements, Keto Elevate is PURE C8. It’s not watered down with the less-powerful C10 or C12 MCTs.

Unlike other MCTs, it has no sugar and no artificial sweeteners, it’s unflavored and unsweetened, and it mixes easily into hot and cool beverages and recipes, enhancing the taste of whatever it’s added to.

In fact, Keto Elevate goes perfect with coffee because it elevates the overall taste without all the junk typically found in coffee creamers. It’s also more effective than adding calorie-dense MCTs, butter or coconut oil.

Now it’s easier than ever to support elevated ketone production (and all the benefits that come with)—even without the need for carbohydrate restriction—just by mixing Keto Elevate into your “Morning Joe” or any of your favorite beverages and recipes.

MENTAL CLARITY, PEAK ENERGY LEVELS, APPETITE REGULATION & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT. Caprylic acid (C8) powerfully supports elevated levels of ketones and the lion’s share of benefits that come with.
UNFLAVORED AND UNSWEETENED. Made to be added to and enhance the taste of any beverage or recipe—great with coffee, tea and protein shakes, perfect for fat bombs, and much, much more.
JUNK-FREE. Keto Elevate contains NO soy-, wheat- or corn-based ingredients or fillers, which may be an issue for some folks and may potentially raise insulin levels and kick you out of ketosis. Keto Elevate is also non-GMO and free from added sugar and artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and preservatives.
TRY IT RISK-FREE. You’re fully protected by our unconditional 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. Keto Elevate is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and 3rd party tested to ensure purity, potency and safety.


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